Thank you for having a look at my website.  I have sometimes found singers’ websites to be a little officious.  And whilst my front pages are equally ‘serious singer’, behind the scenes there is a seriously fun-loving human.  So, I thought I would include a small jovial blurb about myself, and some of my other passions.

I grew up in Somerset near the cathedral city of Wells and lived in a hamlet where milking cows were much more abundant than people.  As a Music Scholar I attended Wells Cathedral School, where to the dismay of those tasked with my musical education, my central priorities were playing Rugby and my Xbox.

My ambitions were to become a research scientist, and I went on to study insects (Entomology) at Durham University and afterwards at Imperial College.  On graduating from this world-class academic institution I continued in their research group, but in my case I toiled away in a world-class glorified shed, trying to perfect the science of mosquito genocide.

I have throughout always been very keen on sport and music and when not publishing fabulously dull academic papers on how to orchestrate mass insect murder, I ‘conducted’ a choir, rowed, went rock climbing and did triathlons.

So how and why did I transition into singing?  Well, like all great operas, it stemmed from a girl!  My next-door neighbour at Durham mentioned she was singing in the Chorus for an opera called Carmen.  As this would inevitably mean spending time rubbing shoulders, I immediately signed up.  Through this experience I discovered how much I enjoyed the performance of opera and was equally captivated by next term’s production of ‘Albert Herring.’  I must add, much like the story of Carmen, the burgeoning relationship did not flourish, but its demise *thankfully* shared no similarities to the plot of Carmen. 

I am now living the life of a freelancing singer.   I spend a large portion of my day scowling at my diary, writing emails, and perform in the evenings and weekends whilst trying to find time to see friends.  I am also a passionate cyclist, a sport which I am always keen to talk about with anyone who will listen!